• Free Wi-Fi. На территории пансионата расположены три зоны покрытия Wi-Fi: бар "Зеркальный", Центральная площадь и пляж (бар "Ариэль", шашлычная).
  • visa/mastercard - На территории пансионата расположены банкоматы "Сбербанка" и "Газпромбанка". Возможна оплата банковскими картами.
  • С животными на отдых не принимаем.
  • Бесплатное размещение детей до 6 лет (с питанием и местом). При заселении ребенка от 0-14 лет, требуется "Справка о санэпидокружении". Получите ее у вашего участкового врача
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Business Tour
Business Tour

What We Can Offer Your Business

LLC Resort Sheksna is certified according to the International System Quality Standards ISO series 9001: 2000. We invite you to book your corporate events what ever they may be ­ from business training to larger-­scale conferences and seminars.

In 2008, we have updated our infrastructure and opened a new multi­function complex, designed for business and cultural events. We also offer new services to suit business activities of different sizes and needs.

Our prices are competitive and among the most attractive you will find, along the warm coast of the Black Sea.

Our Services Include:

  • Theatre Hall with seating for 420 persons, air conditioned and equipped with professional grade light and sound tech.
  • Indoor Concert Hall "Colosseum" with a centre stage and seating for 250 persons. Also air conditioned and equipped with modern sound and lighting.
  • Meeting room for 55 persons
  • Conference facilities
  • Banquet halls for 100 to 150 persons
  • Cafes an bars
  • Comfortable automotive transport
  • Entertainment programs and shows
  • Tours and expeditions
  • Comfortable accommodations
  • ATM
  • Payment by room card
  • Logistics of activities from arrival to departure of the last guest. We offer a individual approach to each customer.



Theatre Hall

Concert Hall "Colosseum"



In our conference and meeting halls we have everything you need:

  • Multimedia projector
  • Overhead projector
  • Screens hung and on a tripod
  • Whiteboards and flip-charts
  • Professional sound systems for presentations
  • Fax, scanner, Xerox
  • Computers for office use with internet


We offer "coffee breaks" in our halls and conference facilities:

(per person)

  • Continental ­- coffee, cream, lemon tea, croissants, mineral water, juice -­ 90 rubles
  • Classic ­- coffee, cream, lemon tea, sandwich (cheese, sausage), cake, mineral water ­- 135 rubles
  • European -­ coffee, cream, lemon tea, honey, jam, pies (with jam, apples or meat), mineral water - 155 rubles.
  • Fourchette -­ coffee, cream, lemon tea, cake, fruit, juice, champagne -­ 200 rubles.

Banqueting conducted to your wishes; selection of the menu along with entertainment and shows.


At your disposal

  • Restaurant "Sheksna" – Russian, European Cuisine
  • Barbecue Beach Resturant ­ Local Cuisine
  • Mirrors Bakery and Cafe
  • Billiard Bar
  • Ariel Beach Cafe


Combine you business with vacation on the Black Sea coast! Email or call if you have any questions.

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