• Free Wi-Fi. На территории пансионата расположены три зоны покрытия Wi-Fi: бар "Зеркальный", Центральная площадь и пляж (бар "Ариэль", шашлычная).
  • visa/mastercard - На территории пансионата расположены банкоматы "Сбербанка" и "Газпромбанка". Возможна оплата банковскими картами.
  • С животными на отдых не принимаем.
  • Бесплатное размещение детей до 6 лет (с питанием и местом). При заселении ребенка от 0-14 лет, требуется "Справка о санэпидокружении". Получите ее у вашего участкового врача
  • Мы работаем по системе "всё включено".
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Sheksna is a quality European resort located 32 kilometres from the centre of Sochi.

The resort sits on a hill side with a magnificent view of the Black Sea as well as the northern Sochi Mountain Range. The territory covers 35 acres of forest, gardens and lush greenery in one of the most beautiful and ecologically clean coastal regions of the Black Sea. All of the territory is accessible by foot via footpaths and roads. No public roads or highways intersect the territory, so guests can enjoy the sites and views in a peaceful environment. Sheksna has 8 living quarters a total of 382 rooms and can comfortably accommodate 818 guests. The buildings are connected by hallways and galleries.

The territory of the resort includes a naturally made private beach which extends 800 meters along the coast of the Black Sea. The furthest living quarters are 400 metres from the beach and can be reached by foot or via mini bus which makes round trips every 10 minutes.

  • Sheksna Resort is a 40 minute drive from the centre of the city of Sochi.
  • Distance to Sochi Airport: 67 kilometres
  • Distance to Sochi Train Station: 32 kilometres
  • Distance to Loo Train Station: 7 kilometres


Our history

The resort was officially opened May 30, 1995. Through the years, the resort has been continuously updated including additional buildings, roads, room refurnishing as well as, land and beach property purchases.

The resort has undertaken massive infrastructure projects, a recently completed project was a power station capable of powering the resort in the event of a power grid failure. Currently under construction is a wave pool with an artificial beach. Upon completion, it will be the biggest air supported building and the biggest wave pool in Russia.